Electroacoustic Division

                  Business Scope

                  TWS headphone, ANC/ENC headphone, sport open headphone, AI headphone

                  The Electroacoustic Division is committed to the R&D for the integration of technology, product, and content in TWS/wireless headphone. All core members of the management who have a background of leading enterprises in the industry and more than 10 years of industry management experience are capable of global vision and other leading core competitiveness.

                  At present, the R&D team has multiple professional development groups on ID, electronics design, structure design, embedded software design, acoustics. It is high-quality R&D personnel that makes the Fenda electroacoustic team's R&D system for fast response and efficient development. It has many national patent technologies in electroacoustic technology application.

                  R&D Scope

                  The electroacoustic R&D team consists of experienced core researchers, with a reasonable allocation of professional and functional personnel.

                  It takes a leading position in TWS/wireless headphone and related areas in terms of R&D testing, patent contributions, industrial standards, etc.

                  The R&D team strictly follows the IPD management processes to improve the R&D, delivery efficiency, and quality of the Electroacoustic Division's projects and products.

                  With the expansion of R&D, the Electroacoustic Division has gradually become the leader in headphone manufacture covering TWS headphone, ANC/ENC headphone, sport open headphone, AI headphone, etc.

                  R&D Strength

                  • 01

                    It has experience in the development and application of solutions/products for Qualcomm, Airoha, Bestechnic, Realtek, Actions, etc.

                  • 02

                    It has rich experience and technical reserve in TWS/wireless headphone audio, RF, hardware, software, structure, mold, ID and other related fields.

                  • 03

                    It is capable of independently developing advanced TWS headphone, ANC/ENC headphone, sport open headphone, and AI headphone.

                  • 04

                    The team is also equipped with rich R&D equipment and facilities, as well as the anechoic chamber, microphone analysis system, B&K electroacoustic testing system, RF, software, hardware, Bluetooth, wireless, intelligent speech analysis system and other related facilities in line with international standards.

                  Production Cost
                  Material procurement:

                  Fenda implements a bidding procurement system to ensure to acquire competitive prices and services by carrying out bidding procurement for standardized materials.

                  In IPD management mode, it further implements the PPL project responsibility system in procurement, in which accurate reviews are made on material technology, supply, and price in the stages of R&D, trial production, and mass production to guarantee reasonable supplier selection for securing supply.

                  Deepen the supply chain reform, establish supply chain resource database and material background investigation system, increase the suppliers and material reserve, meet the materials and substitute demand at all stages.

                  Product manufacturing:

                  Every employee can raise rationalization proposals for improving efficiency and decreasing cost through Employee Home in lean improvement activities, and the Improvement Group who is responsible for promoting total employee participation collects, implements these proposals, accounts for improved revenue, evaluates excellent proposals for rewarding the corresponding employees.

                  Core Technologies
                  • Forming platform: High-end/mainstream solutions and headphone development for Qualcomm, Airoha, Bestechnic, Realtek, Actions, etc.
                  • Advanced innovation: Proficient in the development of Hybrid/FF ANC headphone, AI headphone, open (directional acoustic) sports headphones
                  • TWS/ Wireless headphone and multi-sensor (in-ear, heart rate, acceleration, vibration, pressure sensing, etc.) solution integration technologies
                  • Design and simulation of multi-layer and multi-stage precision PCB with a combination of software and hardware
                  • TWS/ wireless headphone is deeply bound with App, and private intelligent simplex communication/two-way alternate communication can be customized.

                  The Electroacoustic Division now has 3 TWS headphone workshops that can produce ordinary Bluetooth headphone, and ANC/ENC Bluetooth noise-canceling headphone. With a total area of 10,000m2, 12 TWS headphone assembly lines, a daily production rate of 1,500pcs/line, its monthly capacity is 450,000pcs.

                  The Electroacoustic Division strives to create independent ID design, hardware platform, software platform. It can provide cooperative enterprises with one-stop services from ID creation to production. Fenda has established stable cooperative relations with both domestic and foreign corporate giants at present. As a premium supplier of TWS headphone, ANC/ENC headphone, sport open headphone, AI headphone, Fenda continues to provide customers with premium products with a market reputation to be at the forefront of the industry.。